New elbow pipe wrench from GEDORE 28 April 2022

GEDORE’s elbow pipe wrench ECK-SCHWEDE-snap® has been manufactured to ensure safe and efficient use, effortless application and a firm grip, even when working in a confined space.

The wrench is designed to DIN ISO 5234, form C,  made of chrome vanadium steel and hot drop forged. This manufacturing method increases the strength, toughness and elasticity of the material, and allows an extremely heavy load on the tool. The special teeth are inductively hardened (51 - 56 HRC). This ensures safe use even at high torques. 

The combination of the special geometry of the jaw, effective three point support and infinitely variable adjustment of the pipe wrench ensures effortless application and a firm grip, even when working in a confined space. The high-quality workmanship makes the ECK-SCHWEDE-snap a durable and extremely practical partner that will remain reliable even under continuous loads.

The carefully considered construction of the ECK-SCHWEDE-snap ensures safe and efficient working. A self clamping effect is achieved by the combination of the high performance three point grip and opposing teeth. The special geometry of the proven ‘S’ shaped pipe wrench fixes the workpiece at three points simultaneously, which prevents any slippage.

The gripping capacity of the opening is a maximum of 60mm and is quickly adjusted to the respective pipe or fastening element by means of the undetachable knurled screw. As the lower handle is secured by the knurled screw, the wrench no longer has to be compressed for a secure grip. Turning is achieved via the ergonomically designed upper handle, which makes it particularly comfortable to use.

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