New bolt anchor for cracked and uncracked concrete 17 January 2024

With the anchoring of bolt anchors a crucial step in securely fastening structural elements in concrete structures, EuroTec GmbH has introduced its new anchor bolt ECB-FZ-C3 for efficient and time-saving through-hole installations in both cracked and uncracked concrete, in service categories 1 and 2.

The new anchor bolt also delivers maximum performance under seismic stress and action and has, accordingly, been tested for performance categories C1 and C2 for use in seismic risk areas. In addition to use in such earthquake-prone environments, the steel anchor also meets the requirements for fire-resistance class R30-R120 in concrete. 

Due to its diverse dimensions, the anchor bolt is versatile and can be used in different installation situations; its setting depth marking, for example, serves as an installation aid and helps to determine the appropriate anchoring depth. It is also equipped with an expansion clip, which expands in the concrete in a controlled manner and ensures a high load-bearing capacity. This latter factor also means that fewer fastening points are required, as a result. In addition, small axial and edge distances can be maintained when fastening close to the edge of a structure. EuroTec’s new anchor bolt ECB-FZ-C3 also features an included hexagon nut and washer.  


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