LIGNOLOC goes to Europe 19 May 2023

Designed by BECK, the LIGNOLOC® range of wooden nails have been specially designed for use in structural timber construction and recently the product has been granted European Technical Assessment (ETA), allowing LIGNOLOC® to be used throughout the EU.

The approval applies to the nails without a head and enables the planning, design, and execution of load-bearing connections in timber frame construction. The provisions made are based on the assumed intended working life of the LIGNOLOC® nails – 50 years.

“This is a massive step forward for us and for our pursuit to establish LIGNOLOC® as a standard practice in the European building sector and to further advance the ecological turn- around in construction. With the ETA, the static verification can be carried out according to Eurocode 5,” explains Christian Beck, general manager & CEO. “We also expect the approval for the LIGNOLOC® wooden nails with head for façade applications this year.”

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