Kwantex introduces the new TTX® Drive 25 January 2023

Kwantex recently developed the improved six lobe TTX® Drive with TTX® bit, which features a unique sharp hook design, no cam-out, stronger torque transfer and offers at least four times longer bit life than Kwantex’s regular TX bit.

Previously, when users were fastening woodscrews, they would sometimes encounter problems resulting from certain drive designs – for instance the bit not fitting well within the drive, which could cause unexpected wobbling, drive abrasion, bit slippage or even breakage.

The specially developed sharp hook design of the TTX® Drive and TTX® bit is able to transfer higher torque, therefore users can confidently fasten screws without the worry of unexpected wobbling or bit slippage. In fact, Kwantex mentions that users can even fasten using only one hand, which is both time and force saving, as well as making it easier for inexperienced users to finish installations easily and quickly.

The TTX® Drive system is not only applicable to woodscrews, it is also suitable for screws used for penetrating construction steel and machine screws for steel structure and industrial assembly. “The application range of the TTX® Drive is quite comprehensive, with the system helping users achieve tighter fastening and increasing the contact surface between the drive and the TTX® bit – helping
reduce stress accumulation and optimising torque transfer,” explains Kwantex.

“We are confident that the new TTX® Drive system will definitely be a game changing one in the industry,” states Kwantex. “Our goal is to provide the best performance system that is affordable to everyone, which is why we have made sure the TTX® bit fits almost all six-lobe drives and all six-lobe bits can fit the TTX® Drive.” 

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