JRP launches range of battery powered tooling 28 March 2022

Jaton Riveting Products (JRP), the dedicated riveting brand from Owlett-Jaton, has launched four new battery powered tools to complement its existing hand tooling range.

Available from mid-April 2022, JRP battery tools feature Brushless Technology (BLDC) motors, which offer increased reliability; high power-to-weight ratio; nearly instantaneous control of high-speed and torque; high efficiency; and low maintenance over a brushed motor counterpart. The traction force and stroke setting of the tools can also be easily adjusted via an integrated control panel at the touch of a button.

The tools are powered by a 18V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery designed to give higher performance and increased runtimes of almost 120 minutes, depending on the tool model and fasteners being set. As standard, each tool comes complete with two batteries, a charger, as well as a damage resistant case. Spare parts are available for all models.

The batteries have Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) that protects overload, overheating and deep discharge. The ECP system automatically shuts the tool down if it detects the battery is becoming overloaded or overheated and, as a result, ensures that the battery cannot reach a critical level of discharge. This is designed to keep the batteries performing at their maximum for longer and offers a lifespan of nearly 1,000 charges. Additionally, there is an LED charge status indicator on the back of each battery. A simple push of a button indicates the current charge status and a quick reference for when to be recharged. The batteries take less than 30 minutes to fully recharge.

JRP states that the ergonomic tool and battery design result in a fantastic weight saving combination. “The heaviest tool in the range is only 1.64kg, making the JRP battery tools significantly lighter than nearly all other tools with similar power output. The design allows operators an extremely well balanced, safe, fast, and reliable tool for continual use in manufacturing processes. The tooling will safely free stand when not in use, and the ECP technology will turn the power off to prolong battery life.”

The tools also feature an integrated LED light, which tells the operator that the power is on and ready for use. It also provides perfect illumination in the darkest working area. Finally, all tools are CE approved and carry as standard a 12 month warranty. 

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