Intelligence and efficiency when fastening 08 December 2023

Exterior walls with thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) increase the energy efficiency of buildings for the benefit of people and the environment. With the new fischer insulation dowels FID II and FID II Plus, light to medium-heavy attachments can be attached directly to the insulation without thermal bridges. 

Made from glass fibre reinforced plastic, the new products offer maximum stability in ETICS, even with pressure-resistant insulation materials. Both dowels can be used universally in ETICS with all common types of insulation materials and structures, wood fibres and rigid polyurethane foams. 

Whether in parcel boxes, charging stations for electric cars, satellite dishes or window shutter holders – the FID II Plus offers extra load capacity by optionally being used together with an additional chemical component. For example, fischer states that the fischer liquid dowel Fill&Fix or fischer PU foam in combination with the insulation dowel increase the load values ​​by up to 100%. The chosen chemical component is injected into the screw opening and connects to the insulation material through dowel openings. 

If light add-on parts are to be attached to the ETICS, such as outdoor lighting, motion detectors, house numbers or doorbells, the other new addition to the company’s range, the fischer insulation dowel FID II, is an ideal choice. Thanks to the dowel tip's combined centring, milling and cutting function, the dowels can be screwed in with optimal precision. They anchor positively in the insulation material without destroying the plaster and with minimal effort. 

The use of common screws with a diameter of 4.5mm to 6mm (FID II Plus) or 3.5mm to 4.5mm (FID II) enables flexible processing. Thanks to their special tip geometry, the dowels screw through plaster thicknesses of up to 10mm without pre-drilling, which further simplifies and speeds up processing. For thicker plaster layers, pre-drilling is recommended. After pre-insertion, the dowels can be additionally sealed with a sealant to protect the attachment point from water entry. The special underhead geometry of the dowels ensures a clean installation pattern and even with narrow attachments, the edge of the dowel is not visible. The FID II also optimises the optics thanks to its small head diameter.

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