Hobotec screw in black 29 March 2023

The Hobotec screw from Eurotec, which can be used to create wood-to-wood connections easily and safely, is now available in black for special kinds of façade designs.

Eurotec explains that the Hobotec screw is particularly useful where there is an increased risk of cracking or splitting – because the milled ribs facilitate countersinking in different types of wood. A new type of thread and innovative drilling tip also ensure a tight fit, as well as high pull-out resistance. This makes the Hobotec screw ideal for use in façade, deck and fence construction and especially for brittle woods.  

Elegant façade with carbonised wood 

Eurotec points out that the Hobotec screw in black is ideally suited for fastening black (carbonised) façade planks, which are proving popular within façade designs. Carbonised wood is wood that has been charred on the surface. This treatment originates from Japan where it is known as ‘Yakisuki’ (Shou Sugi Ban), which means ‘Charred Cedar’. It involves heat treating wood under controlled conditions so that it carbonises (chars) in its upper layer, thus changing its properties. 

Since this process seals the pores of the wood, it becomes weather-resistant, requires no additional protective coating and can be installed outdoors without any treatment at all. However, if the intention is to use carbonised wood indoors, the burnt surface must first be treated with a special coating to prevent it from rubbing off.  

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