HECO screw anchors: Flexible even under heavy loads 29 November 2018

HECO has expanded its range of screw anchors with the new additions of MULTI-MONTI®-plus, with diameters of 16mm and 20mm, and a special version named ‘SSK’ for the temporary fastening of push-pull props in concrete and formwork structures.

At the same time, HECO is underlining its expertise as a provider of efficient and cost-effective solutions for heavy-duty anchoring. The new ETA rated screw anchors are even approved for multiple use and for insertion in young concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 10N/mm². Simple anchor calculation and installation is able to save a lot of mounting time when fixing supports for formwork, for example.

MULTI-MONTI-plus SS heavy-duty anchors
With the large screw diameters of 16mm and 20mm, HECO is entering the field of classic heavy-duty anchoring, which was previously dominated by sleeve anchors and resin bolts in particular. For example, when applying the MMS-plus 20 in cracked concrete, with a compressive strength of C20/25, tensile resistances of up to 44kN can be achieved, according to the ETA – 15/0784. Screw anchors with diameters of 16mm and 20mm recently received an approval for seismic actions C1 and C2. HECO is providing the MMS-plus screw anchors in the new dimensions with a hexagon head and a combined washer, as well as a pre-set anchor with a metric connection thread.

MULTI-MONTI-plus SSK as a flexible solution
HECO has also developed the MULTI-MONTI-plus SSK in the dimensions 16mm x 130mm, specifically for temporary anchor plate installation of push-pull props in pre-cast concrete component and formwork structures – according to the general technical approval Z-21.8-2061. SSK is a German abbreviation that translates to ‘hexagon head with washer and cone’. The screw anchor with the proven MULTI-MONTI-plus thread and combined washer has an additional, extremely adaptable cone under its head. It can therefore be put to very flexible use when fastening anchor plates with different sizes of clearance holes. HECO provides customers with a load chart for various compression strengths of concrete as an additional evaluation tool. Furthermore, the MULTI-MONTI-plus SSK can be calculated with the calculation software HCS for permanent fixations according to ETA – 15/0784.

In case of smaller hole diameters, the screw secures the base plate by pressing it securely on to the substructure via the conus. The bigger the clearance hole, the further the screw is countersunk when installed in the component to be fastened. The combined washer enables fastenings in even larger clearance holes. Hole diameters of 17mm to 23mm in the base plate can thus be covered with a single screw dimension. Any hole tolerance is reliably eliminated. Another practical advantage is that HECO uses a screw head with the size for a 24mm spanner, which is commonly used in formwork structures. Users can therefore work with their usual tools.

Use of all the MULTI-MONTI-plus versions is very easy and saves time. A newly developed function tip reduces wear due to a larger outer diameter and strengthened serration. The core and thread geometry enables effortless driving and high loads. The anchor can be screwed in easily with a tangential impact wrench.

It is also easy for contractors to determine whether the anchor is suitable for reuse. The gauge used for this is available in the HECO range and also covered by the approval. If the anchor remains inserted in the gauge without the tip protruding, it can be used again.


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