HAZET releases SmartRails series 04 May 2022

HAZET has introduced its new SmartRail product series, designed to magnetically attach to surfaces within the workshop, allowing for constant access to tools.

The SmartRails are flexible plastic plugin rails that are currently equipped with lockable ½ inch. square sockets and have a magnetic underside. This ensures a hold on all magnetic surfaces, such as on tool trolleys, tool walls, machines, lifting platforms and in drawers – allowing the user to have various sockets always to hand. The material is wipe friendly and has a pleasant feel. The durable, robust twist lock ensures a tight fit and immediate access to the sockets at all times. When locked, they are securely fixed; to remove them, simply turn them to the left.  

HAZET’s new series encompasses 17 different assembled sets. 11 socket sets have 5 slots for sockets in various, common wrench sizes. If you need even more wrench sizes, select one of the 6 other versions with 8 slots. The smaller rail is 245mm long, the larger 365mm. Both rails are 37.4mm wide, 29.2mm high and equipped with a robust metal eyelet for hanging.   

The icon printed on the front immediately signals the desired screw profile to the user and the assigned, printed wrench sizes the desired size at any time. The individual slots immediately show the absence of a socket.  

Different SmartRails with a wide variety of set combinations are available for different applications: for example, there are 6 point or 12 point variants, impact sockets, TORX® and E-TORX®, multi-tooth or inside hexagon sockets, and some of these are also available in short or long versions.

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