Glass ball technology in Bostik adhesive 29 April 2022

STIX A600 EVOLUTION is a new soft floor adhesive from Bostik that contains glass ball technology to enhance its handling performance and coverage rate.

Consisting of micro spheres of glass combination with specific dispersions and raw materials, glass ball technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the density of the adhesive while still maintaining a high performance. Bostik states that this results in a high yield, with STIX able to cover a surface area more than 30% larger than that covered by the same quantity in weight of a standard soft floor adhesive.  

As well as greater coverage the glass ball technology also provides easier handling for the floor layer making the multifunctional adhesive suitable for use with all types of carpet and most resilient floor coverings, including PVC sheet tiles, linoleum, rubber and acoustic underlays. The lightweight consistency of the adhesive offers a smooth, creamy application with excellent workability. In addition, the adhesive has a high grab and is rapid drying, with a walk on time of approximately 12 hours.  

Available in a 10kg and 15kg bucket, STIX is made from 35% bio based raw materials. By minimising the use of oil made raw materials, Bostik has reduced the overall CO2 footprint across the product's life cycle. In addition, the adhesive is packaged in a bucket manufactured from postconsumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which further contributes to the reduction of the carbon impact of the product.

The adhesive has a solvent free, phthalate free and isocyanate free formulation. It has an EC1 Plus rating for very low VOC emissions and is compliant with the requirements of green building rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM. 

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