GEDORE tools for effortless assembly and repair tasks 19 March 2024

The aluminium reversible ratchet ½ inch 1993 ALU-10 by GEDORE meets all these requirements need for assembly and repair tasks. Thanks to its low inherent weight, it is ideal for hand-friendly and special applications such as overhead working, with manual sockets and connecting parts with square drive.

The ratchet is forged from high-quality special aluminium, which makes it light, robust, and durable. This makes light work of tasks where a heavier tool would increase the burden on the user. At the same time, the reversible ratchet can also cope with continuous daily use. This aluminium version is has the same tried-and-tested mechanics as the GEDORE U-10 models in high-quality steel. The swing back angle is only 7.5° and the ratchet can easily be switched from left to right rotation and to the central position ratchet lock by lowering the lever. The ergonomic two component handle increases the comfort in use, while the integrated ball lock and push button release ensure a secure grip and effortless changing of the inserts.

Other practical accessories such as the Cardan extension ½ inch 1990 KR-10 and the Adapter set S 2032-05 provide additional support when working with this tool and enable versatile use in hard-to-reach areas of application and special requirements. At 125mm in length, the ball-headed cardan extension is made of GEDORE vanadium steel. The extension on the ball head can handle a load of up to 230Nm and swivels by up to 18°. This allows hard to reach screw connections that require a small bending angle to be achieved. If the socket bit is fitted into the square profile of the extension, it can be used like a standard extension and thus cope with a load of up to 512Nm.

The adapter set S 2032-05 includes three enlargers and two reducers, allowing the aluminium reversible ratchet to be used in various areas of applications. The enlargers, for instance, are used for screw connections with a large key width but a low torque. The reducers, on the other hand, provide support in confined spaces where the wall thickness of the insert is too thick. The individual components in the set are housed in a transparent plastic box with a foam insert for safe transportation.

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