Faster and simpler end-of-wall bracing 03 July 2024

Simpson Strong-Tie, a leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, is introducing the SUBE bridging connector for cold-formed steel.

The wall-stud bridging connector is designed to connect the cold-rolled channel at the end of a wall or single-stud jamb condition, or at the ends of panel walls, curtain walls or load-bearing conditions.

SUBE connects to the open face of the stud and is installed with two screws to the stud lips, effectively limiting drywall buildup to save time and money; the u-channel then attaches to the bottom of the connector with two additional screws. Because the connector’s outer flanges allow it to fit snugly over the open side of the stud, no special tools or clamping is required. The design also eliminates sharp-point screw perforations, helping to create a safer work environment. 

“By removing the potential for drywall bulge and onsite safety issues, contractors using the SUBE bridging connector can efficiently terminate end-of-wall bracing, saving both time and money,” says Clifton Melcher, group product manager for Simpson Strong-Tie.  

SUBE is crafted from 16-gauge steel with a galvanised (G90) finish. The connector’s design values ensure compliance with AISI S100 Sections C2.2.1 and C2.3 for axially and laterally loaded studs. SUBE’s flexible design solutions accommodate web thicknesses of 33mil (20 gauge) through 97mil (12 gauge) and stud sizes of 3 5/8 inch and 6 inch.

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