Fastening intelligence for energy efficiency 22 May 2024

With external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) becoming a standard feature in construction projects, fischer’s new TherMax stand-off installation system fixtures can be used to securely fasten ETICS with almost no thermal loss. Additionally, to fasten fixtures without thermal bridges, fischer offers the FID II, FID II Plus, FID-R and FID-Z insulation fixings. 

The fischer TherMax variants, with M12 and M16 threaded rods, allow heavy loads to be fastened to insulated external walls, front faces of ceilings or in rear-ventilated curtain façades with insulation thicknesses of 62mm to 290mm, all while ensuring thermal isolation. The plastic cone interrupts the thermal bridge between the fixture and the internal fastening, thus achieving energy optimisation. No specialist tools are required for the installation, and TherMax includes any necessary individual parts.

TherMax 8 and 10 variants are suitable for securely fastening medium-heavy objects such as fixtures, lights, awnings, letter boxes and lightning conductors. These fixings can ‘bridge’ insulation with thicknesses of 45mm to 240mm. The product consists of the fischer Universal nylon plug, a zinc-plated stock screw available in sizes M8 or M10 and a glass-fibre reinforced plastic cone.

The anchor rod can be individually adapted after the drill hole is created, while the plaster and thermal insulation are milled with the entire TherMax system. A special fischer milling blade, which is placed on the cone, can be used for particularly stubborn plaster. After cleaning the drill hole, a suitable injection mortar is injected into the drill hole before the TherMax is inserted with a slight twisting motion – the TherMax can still be adjusted after the injection mortar’s curing time, allowing anchor plates and consoles to be adjusted. Once cured, the annular gap between the plaster and the anti-cold cone can be sealed with a suitable sealant and adhesive and the console or fixture is fastened with a hex nut to permanently anchor the attachments. 

fischer also offers innovative insulation fixings to fasten lightweight to medium fixtures directly in ETICS. Variants of the latest FID II /FID II Plus generation can be used in ETICS with all kinds of common insulation types and superstructures, such as mineral wool, expanded and extruded polystyrene (EPS/XPS), wood fibre, and polyurethane rigid foam (PU). Because the fixing is placed directly in the insulation through the plaster, no thermal bridges are created while attaching any fixtures. 

Thanks to the combined centring, milling and cutting function of the plug tip, the plugs can be screwed in with precision before providing a flush fit in the insulation without damaging the surface. Thanks to their special tip geometry, the plugs can be screwed into plaster with strengths of up to 10mm, making the process simpler and faster.

The FID-R system is ideal for installing rainwater pipes to ETICS without thermal bridges and can be installed with standard tools thanks to its TX drive. FID-R’s accompanying cover and nut are applied on its threaded pin in order to seal the fixing and prevent rainwater from penetrating. The pipe bracket is then screwed onto this fixing, which the rainwater pipe can be attached to.

With the fischer zinc die-cast FID-Z insulation fixing, thin metal sheets can be fastened to plastered ETICS façades made of polystyrene, mineral wool, softwood fibres and polyurethane. Its special tip geometry is inserted directly into the sheet in the façade without requiring any pre-drilling. The optimised thread geometry ensures the screw can be evenly inserted, resulting in a neat setting result. Fixtures such as cross-cutting strips or splash guards can be attached with speed and ease using the insulation screw. Additionally, the sealing washer on the screw head seals the drill hole against weather influences.

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