Extend bit life with the VORTEX Bit Holder 22 September 2023

According to Crescent Tools, an Apex Tool Group brand, 75% of contractors report loss of time when bits break on the job. Now, the company has introduced the new Crescent VORTEXTM Bit Holder, designed to save time and money on the jobsite.

“Pros make a living by saving time on the job, and the time it takes to discard and replace a broken bit really adds up,” says Gina Hurt, product manager for Crescent Tools. “We looked at all the ways we can make our users more productive, and we found an opportunity with the Crescent VORTEXTM Bit Holder. All this time contractors thought that the bits were the problem, but they just needed a better holder. So, we gave it to them.”

Crescent states it is the exclusive Dual Impact ZoneTM in the Crescent VORTEXTM Bit Holder that extends the life of bits up to 500 times when using bits with an impact driver. This unique design feature absorbs the shock of repeated, heavy usage in impact applications while still delivering maximum torque from the impact driver. It is this feature which makes the VORTEXTM ideal for jobs like decking, fencing, subflooring, metal framing and metal roofing where pros are using impact drivers countless times each day.

The Crescent VORTEXTM Bit Holder is available as a single item and is included in eight VORTEXTM Bit sets ranging up to 55 pieces.

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