Even more precise, smarter and faster 19 August 2013

The fastening specialist Ferdinand Gross has further developed FALCON, its revolutionary solution for integrated C-part management, and is now sending Release 2.1 into the market.

Ferdinand Gross introduced FALCON at the end of 2012, stating that it took Kanban systems to a new level, by offering its customers a new powerful control instrument. The FALCON software solution visually displays where a certain C-part is located in the relevant Kanban shelf. It enables absolute visualisation of all Kanban storage locations together with all products and data – via PC, iPad and now also via smartphone.
The operator simply enters the article number or article designation in the system, and FALCON will immediately show the user where the relevant C-part is located – even three-dimensionally. In addition to this, users can display the entire delivery chain with FALCON.
“With this intuitive tool, Ferdinand Gross has returned overview and control of C-part management to the purchaser – and thus not only closed a gap existing for 50 years in the Kanban system, but at the same time has precisely met the needs of its customers.” Deutsche Bahn AG, which has been exclusively supplied by Ferdinand Gross with fastening parts since summer 2012, immediately implemented the FALCON system.

Release 2.1 opens up completely new possibilities
Ferdinand Gross has, however, not rested on this positive feedback – it has continued to further develop the software and will continue to do so in the future.
Its current development is Release 2.1, which has now been launched as a new milestone, with the update opening up completely new possibilities. Thanks to the Microsoft Excel export function in FALCON 2.1, the purchaser can now control use of their C-parts even more purposeful and effectively. This is done with the help of individually designed filters.
Statistics, evaluations and a quick response to demand peaks no longer present a problem owing to the evaluation profile – and for this, all data from consumption via handling and up to the price have been made completely transparent. This is in-line with Ferdinand Gross’ philosophy that all data, especially those from a C-part management system, belong to the customer and not to the supplier. This data in particular is one of the most important foundations to be successful in the market.
Further highlights of the new Version 2.1 include: 
• Apart from covering additional demands, it is now possible to deactivate bins and filling quantities.
• The extended search function enables targeted access to a suitable product - saving both time and energy, above all in case of shelves with comprehensive product ranges.
• With the variable _*_, it is possible to search for related parts saving cost by using already existing parts and avoids creating similar parts anew.

Advantages for quality management and construction
Ferdinand Gross underlines that quality managers and designers will also benefit immensely from the extended possibilities now offered by FALCON. Release 2.1 means that quality managers/designers now have complete access to drawings and testing results – extensive searches and time-consuming inquiries are therefore a thing of the past.
In its role as a reliable service provider, Ferdinand Gross will provide its complete data management system to its customers via FALCON – a mouse click is all they need to download the required data. In addition to this customer drawings can be visualised instantly – a valuable tool when the right article for the relevant purpose has to be found rapidly. Furthermore, the storage locations can be mapped by means of real-time images enabling a more transparent analysis of the actual state.
The customer retains control
A new and very extensive logging function in Release 2.1 guarantees transparent representation of all functions and actions used. This is to ensure that the customer is able to manage the entire system themselves and has the ability to create their own users for C-part management.
“One aspect of online based systems that is often perceived by the customer as a disadvantage is anonymity. Quite often the direct contact between customer and consultant is missing,” explains Thomas Erb, managing director at Ferdinand Gross. “However, this is not the case with FALCON 2.1. The new system even complements personal contact since the consultants are visualised by means of a picture – the customer thus knows instantly with whom they are dealing with.”
Now via smartphone
An additional benefit to FALCON 2.1 is the availability of an App for smartphones – both for iOS and Android. This means that the customer is always informed about the state of their Kanban bin no matter where they are. The barcode label is scanned and then the coordinates of the bin are visible. In addition to this, all master data of the article together with the relevant consumption and history data are displayed. Furthermore, the original label and an image of the article can be shown on request as well.
“Whether in the office or on the road – with FALCON 2.1 C-part management becomes even more precise, smarter and faster.”
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