Elesa a winner of German Design Award 28 February 2024

Elesa, a leading provider of standard components for the mechanical industry, has proudly announced that its TCC System of tubular clamp connectors has been awarded the 2024 German Design Award ‘Winner’ distinction in the Excellent Product Design category. The TTC System achieved this through combining “strength, durability, and versatility for a multitude of industrial applications”.

Engineered with simplicity and robustness, Elesa's tubular clamp connectors easily affix to tubes, creating stable structures from metal leg attachment to tabletops, steel tubing and pipes, as well as fencing systems and workshop furniture. Constructed from glass fibre-reinforced polyamide based technopolymer and fitted with stainless steel screws and nuts, these connectors resist high temperatures and corrosion while reducing weight.

A user-friendly design allows for easy cleaning, smooth surfaces, and is free of sharp corners. Elesa states the connectors ensure dimensional accuracy, top-tier manufacturing, and guaranteed resistance to tube pull out and tube rotation (resistance values were measured during laboratory tests at ambient temperature with the screws tightened to the suggested torque).

Users have a choice from a variety of configurations, such as two-way, with mounting base plate, T-shaped, straight sleeve, and hinged joints connectors. The TTC clamps can be secured with standard clamping kits for convenient and frequent adjustments, negating the need for extra tools.  

Elesa’s TCC System connectors are available in matte black or grey, complementing the natural colour of aluminium and come in two sizes, either 18mm or 30mm, for diverse applications. Hole reduction sleeves are sold as accessories for other diameters. In addition, Elesa now offers a selection of connecting clamps for tubes in a visually detectable ‘signal blue’, specially designed to be suitable for contact with food and are easily detectable to the human eye. This feature significantly enhances safety in food production processes, complying fully with international regulations.

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