EJOT introduces new self-drilling screw 11 May 2022

EJOT has introduced the new EJOFAST® JF3-Plus self-drilling screw to its EJOFAST® range, which it says significantly improves load-bearing capacity in timber and is available in both 4.9mm and 6.8mm diameter.      

The new EJOFAST® JF3-Plus is ETA certified and suitable for fastening profiled steel and aluminium sheets or sandwich panels to timber substructures.  As part of the EJOFAST® family, the screws have a unique tip geometry without a classic cutting edge.

The optimised and concavely drawn out tip of the new EJOFAST® Plus self-drilling screws also enable considerably safer application to the surface which, EJOT says, makes displacement or slipping almost impossible. The special shape of the thread allows for a high assembly speed, while at the same time the load bearing capacity values of the EJOFAST® Plus in timber have been improved once again.
            The slim, single fluted drill tip also means no sharp edged swarf are produced to get stuck in the material, this means time-consuming removal isn’t required, saving time during assembly.