Efficient design with ECS design software 09 July 2024

Eurotec's free ECS design software provides a digital solution for timber and concrete construction projects. This software can be used to carry out static pre-dimensioning with verifications for various concrete fixings.

The “Concrete Fixing” module is a tool for the design of rock bolts and anchor bolts for steel or timber fixings. All that is required for preliminary design is the geometry of the components to be connected, the tensile and shear loads to be applied and the bending moments of the connection in all three axial directions.

ETA-certified rock concrete screws

Whether permanent or temporary, Eurotec's rock concrete screws are an ideal solution for fast and efficient fixing in concrete. Manufactured from high-strength steel, a sophisticated hardening process and a special thread design ensure reliable performance of the rock concrete screw.

The special feature of Eurotec's ETA-certified rock concrete screws is that they can be installed without the use of dowels. They are ideal for fixing into solid substrates such as concrete or masonry. These screws can be screwed directly into the pre-drilled hole without the need for additional dowels, thus providing time savings. As it is screwed in, the thread cuts a counter-thread into the substrate.

Maximum load-bearing capacity bolt anchor

The Eurotec bolt anchor is a force controlled, galvanised steel anchor designed for push-through installation in non-cracked concrete. Its special feature is that it allows small centre and edge distances despite its high load capacity. The ETA-certified bolt anchor is extremely versatile due to the different embedment depths and dimensions. In addition, each bolt anchor is fitted with an expansion clip which ensures a high load bearing capacity and reduces the number of fixing points required.

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