Do-it-yourself made easy 11 January 2024

Whether pictures, mirrors, hanging baskets, lamps, fairy lights or shelves – furnishings and decorative elements on the walls and ceiling give the home a face and quality of life. With the contents of the fischer EasyDIY Box, over 80 attachment points can be implemented to make the best possible use of all room surfaces – allowing keen DIYers to make their own four walls inviting and homely in no time.

Whatever needs to be hung – with the fischer EasyDIY box, do-it-yourselfers have the right solution at hand for all common fastening tasks at home. For higher loads, the intelligent fischer DuoPower in size 6mm x 30mm is included. The dowel adapts independently to all building materials in which it is anchored and automatically activates the appropriate function – whether it be spreading, folding or knotting. This means that the DuoPower ensures a secure hold when attaching shelves, hanging cabinets and hanging baskets. The correct drill for using the dowel is also part of the EasyDIY box. 

But the content also includes products to improve the aesthetic in the home without any tools. The magnetic claw, for example makes it possible to quickly attach invitations, photos and shopping lists to the wall using magnetic cubes. Also featured is the picture claw, a clever alternative to nails and screws for easily attaching pictures, canvases, photos, fairy lights and much more to the wall. Simply pressing the magnetic or picture claws into the wall means the component is ready to use, or if there is no soft wood, plasterboard or plaster, users can briefly use a hammer. 

With the EasyDIY Box, residents always have additional round and angle hooks right at hand, which are ideal for attaching lamps, for example. Also included are PowerFast II screws measuring 4.5mm x 50mm with a pan head. These can be used together with the DuoPower dowels from the box or directly into wood – with guaranteed safe load-bearing capacity, quick installation and clean surface appearance. Nails measuring 6mm x 30mm are also included in the box for super-fast and long-lasting fixings with an elegant look thanks to the brass head. 

On a special fischer landing page, the fastening specialist gives ‘DIY newbies’ and other do-it-yourselfers tips and tricks on how to use the products from the EasyDIY Box. Here, interested parties can find further information, inspiration and step-by-step instructions. 

Becca England Assistant Editor t: +44 (0) 1727 615 413

Becca is the latest member to join our team and is eager to get stuck into the world of fasteners. She brings an enthusiastic and fresh outlook on what we do editorially and will be leading our social media activity – including sourcing material, editing articles and posting online.