Concrete screws with a range of applications 06 June 2023

fischer has expanded its family of concrete screws, UltraCut FBS II, to allow for a wider range of product applications. The new FBS II versions can now also be used in masonry in accordance with ETA approval, while the new FSW adjustment disk enables sleepers and beams to be adjusted and aligned quickly and easily.

The extended approval now covers an even larger area of ​​application. With the FBS II 6-10 versions, fischer offers its first concrete screws that now also have an ETA for masonry. Included are any FBS II versions with diameters 6 – 10 in electrogalvanised steel and with diameters 8 – 10 in multi-coated steel CP and stainless steel. The evaluation regulates the anchoring in solid and perforated brick masonry. The FBS II can be used in the stone, in the joint, as a single dowel, as a dowel group and in plastered masonry. 

With the new FSW adjusting disc in conjunction with the concrete screw UltraCut FBS II, timber workers and carpenters can now also adjust and align beams and sleepers quickly and easily. Until now, carpenters, usually in pairs, had to lift the beams and place wooden blocks of different thicknesses underneath them for adjustment, a labour-intensive method. By fastening the FSW together with the UltraCut FBS II 10 through the beam in the concrete, this process is simplified. The upper FSW can be dismantled and reused if desired, making it a versatile fastening solution.

fischer UltraCut FBS II concrete screws combine maximum load-bearing capacity with quick installation. Versions in steel and stainless steel with ETA cover the compliant use in cracked and non-cracked concrete, indoors and outdoors as well as with seismic loads of the performance categories C1 and C2. The rating also regulates the fire resistance class up to R 120. 

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