Ceramic locating pins from norelem 03 June 2020

norelem has introduced a new range of ceramic locating pins and rest pads to its portfolio – offering long lasting, robust performance.

Normally made from metal, these products are used for controlled, fine tolerance positioning of a workpiece alongside jigs and fixtures, and must be able to withstand repeated use and force.

norelem already offers metal versions of these products, but explains the new ceramic locating pins and rest pads provide engineers with even longer lasting performance. Made from an innovative metal-ceramic compound known as Cerazur®, which is designed to be impact resistant and incredibly durable, the products are resistant to wear and tear that can lead to compromised positioning. As well as being more resistant to wear through the high abrasion resistance, the new ceramic components also have a high temperature stability property – meaning they are less subject to expansion and contraction that can lead to positioning errors.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, says: Rest pads and locating pins are used by engineers and manufacturers every day across many different applications. When they wear, those tolerances are thrown out and the positioning is no longer accurate. When this happens, the workpiece can be misaligned leading to rejection and wastage. This means the locating pins and pads must be changed. This is why we’ve added ceramic versions of these parts to our range. Made from a high-performance ceramic, they have a much longer service life and are more resistant to wear in comparison to metal equivalents.”

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