ABB self-aligning clips 21 April 2022

ABB provides a range of solutions in its E-Klips® collection, offering a quick, easy and reliable method of fixing surfaces to steelwork without the need for bracket making, drilling holes or the use of nuts and bolts – including the new purlin clip.

Like all E-Klips®, the purlin clip is quick and simple to install and comes in a range to suit purlins from 1.5mm - 7mm thick and threaded rod sizes M8 and M10. The clips are also equipped with a Z600+ coating for corrosion resistance.

The self-aligning purlin clip for threaded rod from is designed for hanging threaded dropper rod from steel purlins. ABB claims that, unlike other clips, this unique design allows the threaded dropper rod to automatically align itself vertically, therefore removing the chance of misapplication which can arise when using fixed or rigid clips.

E-Klips spring steel fasteners have been manufactured in the UK for over 35 years, providing a flexible and easy to use fixing solution for a wide range of applications.

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