A powerful anchor for the highest demands 03 July 2023

The fischer Group of Companies has recently announced the launch of its FAZ II Plus bolt anchor. The new addition to the fischer range has a higher assessed (ETA) tensile load-bearing capacity and material strength than the previous generation. fischer describes the “all-rounder product” as suitable to wide range of applications and has been approved for more construction materials, including concrete, sand-lime brick and steel fibre-reinforced concrete.

The new product available in M8 – M24 enables a quicker and easier setting process as cleaning the drill hole is unnecessary. The new ETA also confirms the suitability of diameter versions M16 – M24 in galvanised and stainless steel materials for dynamic loads. Compared to the previous generation, the tensile load-bearing capacity has increased, and a higher strength material is processed. This requires fewer fastening points and anchors per application and project, reducing the time and cost involved.

“An external assessment confirms that the FAZ II Plus’ service life of 120 years is ideal for infrastructure projects and structures designed for a long life span. Regarding applications in seismic regions, the ETA assessment covers seismic performance categories C1 and C2, both with and without the FFD filling disc for filling annular gaps, depending on the diameter,” states the company.

FAZ II Plus, the latest generation of fischer bolt anchors, was made for transferring high static and medium dynamic loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The anchors are also suitable for use in sand-lime brick. Railings, steel beams, pipeline suspensions, cable runs, consoles, facade substructures, wood structures, lifts, conveyor belts, hoists, and many more can permanently and safely be fastened in various construction materials with the new anchor. Additionally, a general design approval allows for anchorages in steel fibre-reinforced concrete with the FAZ II, FAZ II R and FAZ II HCR variants, sized M6 – M24 diameter.

The ETA assessment also covers nuts in accordance with ISO and verifies higher fire resistance values than the predecessor product, with temperatures of up to 1,350°C with a fire duration of up to 180 minutes according to the RWS fire curve.

Users can process the FAZ II Plus bolt anchor in holes created with a hollow, hammer or diamond drill using pre-positioned, push-through or stand-off installation, depending on the situation. The cone bolt is pulled into the expansion clip by tightening the nut, expanding firmly against the wall of the drill hole. The anchor is then able to carry loads immediately. An additional Dynamic Set available from fischer makes it easier to safely install dynamic applications.

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