A new level of efficiency for fastenings in wood 04 June 2024

The innovative fischer FGW 90F setting tool allows nails to be processed quickly, safely and easily in wood. Using the power tool makes the fastening process cost-effective and efficient by reducing the time during application and ensuring the execution is consistent and precise, with no need for any additional fasteners or tools. 

Roof battens, frame construction or façade cladding – wood is a popular construction material that is now also being used in multi-storey residential and commercial construction, not to mention traditional applications such as floor surfaces, decking and ceiling cladding. With various types of wood and wood materials, users require a reliable tool that allows them to cover every kind of application while carrying out quick and safe fastenings. This gas-actuated setting tool even allows the direct installation of fixtures in concrete and steel.

With a weight of 3.8kg and compact dimensions, the tool offers a comfortable hold. Users can quickly commence any fastening tasks, as the magazine can be quickly and easily loaded with up to 60 nails, with a safety clip that prevents nails from falling out, making it safe to reinsert them. Nails can be placed with precision and flexibility in any direction and location thanks to the handy device nose and an energy performance of 90 joules. Upside-down installation is also easy with the device. 

The fischer FGW 90F is suitable for a variety of ring and smooth shank nails in lengths of 50mm to 90mm. Both D-shaped and round head nails can be processed with ease. This level of flexibility enables applications in solid wood, laminated wood, plywood, chipboard, fibreboard and veneer materials with the fischer FGW 90F. An adjustment wheel that sets the embedment depth offers tradespeople a choice of how to place the nails – either flush or fully embedded. Also, a protective cover can be attached during placement to prevent any pressure marks during applications in visible areas. This versatile setting tool can be used within a temperature range of -7°C to 50°C.

The gas cartridges and lithium-ion battery make the fischer FGW 90F setting tool economical to work with, as one gas cartridge lasts for more than 1,100 fastenings. The powerful lithium-ion battery can quickly be swapped for a new one after use and lasts for more than 8,000 fastenings per charge. An LED status display gives users a continuous overview of the device’s remaining battery power and status, which allows standstills on the construction site to be prevented. Even if the battery runs out, a 10 minute charge is sufficient to place at least another 300 nails. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery, which is also compatible with fischer’s other direct fastening tools, increasing flexibility on the construction site.

The fischer FGW 90F is low maintenance, only requiring maintenance after approximately 20,000 fastenings. When the tool is no longer needed, it can be safely stored on an adjustable hook. fischer also offers the setting tool in the fischer XL-Boxx, a practical kit for the secure transportation and storage of electrical tools. Accessories include the battery and charger, gas cartridges, nails and a cleaning set with a cleaning solution, lubricating oil and a rubber sealing ring. 

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