A complete range of chemical fasteners 25 November 2021

In recent months INDEX® A Perfect Fixing has been adding new references to its extensive catalogue of fixing solutions, including its range of silicones, MS, foams and chemical anchors.

As a manufacturer and distributor INDEX® A Perfect Fixing began the year by expanding its range of chemical fixings with a wide range of silicones, MS, foams and the expansion of its existing range of chemical anchors including the new MO-PS+.

Polyurethane foams

Within its polyurethane foams range INDEX A Perfect Fixing has a wide selection of products that it says guarantees quality and are for professional use. 

The range includes the PU-EP polyurethane adhesive SATE/ ETICS, which is suitable for the installation of ETICS plates (External Thermal Insulation Composite System), insulation panels and drywalls. The high density in its formula ensures immediate initial fixing and high adhesion. 

Next there is PU-SC/PU-SP, a multipurpose polystyrene foam, which is appropriate for sealing, assembling, filling, insulating and fixing. It is useful in a wide range of applications and ensures excellent adhesion with all construction materials, except PTFE, silicone and polyethylene. PU-SC/PU-SP also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and is water and age resistant. 

Also in the range is PU-FC/PU-FP, a high performance polyurethane foam that is B1 fire resistant. This foam can be used for sealing, assembly, filling, insulating and fixing in places where fire resistance is desired or required. PU-FC/PU-FP also ensures excellent adhesion with all construction materials, except PTFE, silicone and polyethylene. 

Finally within the foams range there is PU-TC/PU-TP, a polyurethane foam for fixing tiles. Compared with the traditional method, it allows users to fix tiles to the roof precisely, quickly and efficiently thanks to its low post expansion. The foam guarantees maximum thermal and acoustic insulation and can be used at low temperatures (up to -5°C). It also has excellent adhesion with all construction materials. 

Adhesives MS polymers

The hybrid MS polymer from INDEX A Perfect Fixing mixes the strength of polyurethane with the insulating properties of silicone, creating a product with high performance adhesive capabilities that combines the advantages of the two materials. 

The range includes three types of adhesives, aimed at different uses: 

 MS-PR: A neutral and odourless adhesive sealant with excellent multi-material adhesion, especially recommended for affixing and sealing shelves, roof finishings, gutters, decks, frame joints or structures subjected to vibrations, sealing expansion joints, cisterns, containers and other aluminium elements. It can also be used in the food processing industry as it has a ISEGA certificate. 

 MS-TR: A colourless and odourless adhesive sealant especially recommended for affixing and assembling in materials where a transparent or visible join is preferred, such as glass, panes, acrylic, PVC, porcelain, ceramic and other transparent elements, whether outdoors or indoors. 

 MS-SF: A white adhesive that acts immediately to secure heavy objects quickly in demanding conditions without supports. Suitable for all types of materials (concrete, wood, metal, cork, aluminium, PVC, copper, brick, stone, porcelain, etc) both indoors and outdoors. 

Chemical anchors 

INDEX A Perfect Fixing has further expanded its range of chemical anchors with the addition of the MO-PS+ styrene free polyester plus. By adding a new formula to the MO-PS+ it makes it possible for the mortar to change colour after being applied once the curing process begins, indicating that it can no longer be handled. 

The MO-PS+ is certified for installation of M8 – M24 rods and includes adjustment control. It is suitable for installation in damp holes and has A+ environmental and LEED tested certification. 

The chemical anchor can be used for both interior and exterior applications, as well as for structural applications and the fixing of stone cladding or restoration of façades.

Other products within the range include the MO-PU, MO-V, MO-VS, MO-H, MO-HW, MOPURE and MOPUR3. 

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