Torque wrenches reimagined 05 February 2024

It's always good if a professional workshop can rely on tried and tested tools. But it's even better if the tried and tested tool is regularly adapted to the current market requirements, meaning it is always state of the art. HAZET, the Remscheid-based manufacturer of quality tools and workshop equipment, has taken this idea and developed the torque wrench series SYSTEM 5000-2CT into the newly designed SYSTEM 5000-3CT, an even more powerful and more precise successor.

The third generation wrench is equipped with a measuring range that has been extended to 800Nm. By turning the handle, the desired torque value can be set quickly. A newly designed mechanism in the handle helps the user set the torque securely and precisely. The user can choose from seven different measurement ranges between 1Nm and 800Nm. This means that a wide range of applications for controlled screw tightening in tire service and in bicycle, passenger car and commercial vehicle applications, as well as various applications in trade and industry, opens up.

The current series includes eight wrenches in different designs. The two smaller models 5108-3 CT (2.5 – 25 Nm) and 5107-3CT (1 – 9 Nm), as well as the slightly larger version 5110-3CT (10 – 60 Nm) are especially suitable for work on two-wheelers. The strongest design, which is often used during work on commercial vehicles, is HAZET 5145-3CT (300 – 800 Nm). For all other work, wrench numbers 5120-3CT (10 – 60 Nm), 5121-3CT (20 – 120 Nm), 5122-3 CT (40 – 200 Nm), 5123-3CT (60 – 320 Nm) can be used.

The accuracy of the torque wrench is now ± 3% (5107-3CT ± 4 %) of the scale value (in the direction of actuation). Laser marking on the scale bush ensures permanent readability. The integrated shift lever with free-running function for the measuring ranges 20Nm – 320Nm reduces the risk of injury and malfunction. The sealing ring to protect the torque wrench against debris was also optimised.

Most traditional torque wrenches need to be turned back to the smallest scale value after use and for extended periods of storage to relieve the compression spring. HAZET states its torque wrench from this series no longer requires this, and has been proven in extensive long term endurance tests.

The wrenches are designed for rough workshop use and are tested to the newest DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017. The trigonometric shape of the blue rotary assembly prevents uncontrolled rolling away. The recessed zones in the handle ensure optimum force transmission and non-slip finish thanks to more grip.

The option of attaching a cable loop to the locking rotary assembly is especially practical. Every torque wrench of this series comes with a calibration certificate and serial number and is delivered in a sturdy Hexa plastic box. The ratchet repair set for customer-oriented self-assembly also enables decades of use in the workshop.

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