‘Time Value of Money’ saving idea by GESIPA® 04 April 2016

 GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH recently got a chance to look at a cost saving ‘Time Value of Money’ (TVM) idea within a trim and final line at an OEM, which if successful, could be adopted easily by other vehicle, plant and process lines.

The OEM was using a special process to robotically install weld studs and nuts in various locations on the vehicles body. These studs are checked through the process to ensure they are fixed securely. In final trim, when it comes to remove the nut in order to locate the electrical connector, some studs were damaged and had to be repaired. The repair process involved removing the damaged stud, drilling a relief hole and inserting a special stainless stud. This stud is not only expensive, but the installation tooling used is a slow process adding labour and process time.
GESIPA® was able to offer a solution to this time consuming and expensive process by replacing the current repair stud and tooling with a GESIPA blind rivet nut stud and a flexible GESIPA battery installation tool.
GESIPA’s blind rivet nut studs are an easy and flexible way of placing a male threaded stud protruding from the base material. They can be used to fasten further elements giving a guaranteed and secure joint.
“The new process will not only offer the customer enormous piece part cost savings but also an improved installation time saving.”


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