Time saving HGV spring slotted bearing bush removal and installation tool 02 October 2019

The road springs of many heavy goods vehicles are fitted with slotted bearing bushes which are constructed with a split steel outer casing bonded to the rubber inner section. Two steel end caps and the inner steel bearing tube make up the assembly.

During safety inspections the condition of these bushes is carefully checked and if any wear is detected the bushes must be replaced. Removal and subsequent replacement of this type of bush is impossible without the correct equipment. This comprehensive kit from Laser Tools (part number 7432) uses a compact 12 tonne hydraulic ram that allows the operator to swiftly complete this very awkward job which is usually carried out in a limited access environment. The kit includes all fittings to extract and replace the bushes on Volvo FM12; Renault 430, 450 and 460; and MAN-TGA 410, 414 and 460 models.

Removal is straightforward; once set up, the hydraulic ram is connected to the workshop hydraulic pump (not included) and the bush is steadily drawn out into the extraction cup.

When fitting the new bush, great care has to be taken to prevent the bush from distorting when being forced into the spring eye. If this happens, this expensive bush can split and delaminate and be rendered unserviceable. They have to be pressed into the spring eye correctly and the kit includes special clamp blocks (for the three bush sizes that cover the listed applications) that compress the split bush and keep it parallel as it is pressed into the spring eye.

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