The next generation torque wrench 22 June 2021

In addition to high torque measurement accuracy for controlled screw tightening, the new TORCOFIX 2.0 torque wrenches models from GEDORE are also characterised by intuitive, efficient and optimised operation.

This ensures safe bolting during repairs and maintenance in mechanical engineering as well as in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. The new TORCOFIX 2.0 is available in the variants TF-K, TF-SE and TF-Z, which means that the series offers versatile solutions for very different areas of application and also special applications.

The TORCOFIX TF-K enables controlled screw tightening in the range from 20Nm to 850Nm with ratchet function: this variant has an integrated mushroom head square drive with ball lock for the models ½ inch up to 300Nm, the models ¾ inch in the range up to a maximum of 400Nm, 550Nm and 850Nm are in turn equipped with a push through square drive and pin lock. Due to the reversible mushroom head/through square, the tool is equally suitable for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. To change the direction of rotation, simply remove the mushroom head/square drive and reinsert it on the other side after turning the torque wrench.

The model TORCOFIX TF-SE is designed for the range from 20Nm to 400Nm and has an internal rectangular holder including ejector device in the versions 9mm x 12mm (in the range 20Nm -150Nm) and 14 x 18 mm (in the range 40- 400 N-m). This adaptor allows for an optimal adjustment to the respective tightening situation and the application, as completely different, interchangeable insertion tools with quick-change system can be combined with the torque spanner. This makes the TF-SE the ideal partner for work in confined spaces, for example.

GEDORE also offers a torque solution with an interchangeable insert in the range above 400Nm - the TORCOFIX TF-Z. It applies torques in the range from 20Nm to 850Nm and, as a version with slip-on tang and interchangeable slip-on tools, also offers optimum adaptation options for different application conditions.

All models of the new generation TORCOFIX 2.0 favour intuitive operation of the torque wrench. The convex handle is based on the natural gripping position of the hand, the ergonomically optimised shape with a circumferential notch centres the hand in the middle of the handle. This positioning is essential for precise application of the set torque.

The torque is also adjusted via the handle of the torque wrench. By pulling out the colour-coded locking knob, the handle can be turned, allowing the required torque value to be set. A fixing recess at the upper end of the handle serves as an ideal counterhold. Subsequently pressing in the locking knob fixes the selected torque value. The audible and tactile release of the torque is even better perceived thanks to the optimised handle. When the torque wrench is not in use, it is stabilised by a stand on the handle and thus prevented from rolling away. Another helpful detail that makes working with the TORCOFIX 2.0 particularly safe.

Since precise setting of the required torque is essential, GEDORE has also further developed the scale of the TORCOFIX 2.0 series. Maximum accuracy is achieved with the new double scale (Nm/lbf-ft) with vernier. In addition, the practical double scale eliminates the need for time-consuming conversion. Depending on the model, the scale is divided into increments of 0.5Nm to 1Nm and is located under a viewing window that protects against dirt and abrasion. A higher contrast colour scheme makes it much easier to read, even in poor lighting conditions. Another plus is the vertical orientation of the scale: This makes reading and setting equally effortless for right and left handers.

Made of robust tubular steel with high-quality plastic parts, the matt powder-coated surface protects against annoying reflections. Thanks to the automatic release when the torque is reached, the TORCOFIX 2.0 is immediately ready for use without having to be adjusted again, thus saving time. The torque spanners are tested and certified according to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017. Adjusted to a triggering accuracy of +/-3% of the set scale value, they even exceed the requirements of the +/-4% stipulated in the standard.

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