The latest torque technology from HAZET 15 January 2024

Two flexible torque wrenches with plug-in connections for holding various insertion tools have been introduced by HAZET for rough workshop use. The torque wrench with the insert square of size 9mm x 12mm bears the product number 5290-3CT and is suitable for an application range between 10Nm and 60Nm. For torques between 40Nm and 200Nm, there is 5292-3CT wrench with the 14mm x 18mm insert square. 

Both tools are designed for rough workshop use and serve a wide range of applications for controlled screw tightening. The applications in industry and trade are many and varied and, in addition, the wrenches are equally suitable for two wheelers, cars and commercial vehicles – due to the large number of different insert tools. 

Both wrenches operate with an accuracy of ±3% of the scale value (in actuation direction), with the scale high contrast and easy to read. The laser marking on the scale bush also ensures permanent visibility. 

Safety is taken into account, on the one hand, palpably by a close gap release and, on the other hand, audibly by a ‘click’ sound. The desired torque value can also be set quickly and easily by turning the handle. Secure locking of the setting values is possible by means of the latching function on the rotary assembly. Lock symbols indicate the respective locking status. 

The handle also features a lot of grip, which benefits the easier power transmission. Plus, an optimised sealing ring protects against the penetration of foreign bodies. The rotary assembly is also triangular, which prevents uncontrolled rolling away. Finally, small openings provide a practical means of attaching a cable loop. 

Both torque wrenches are tested according to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017 and are supplied with calibration certificate and serial number in a sturdy Hexa plastic box. As with all HAZET torque wrenches of the 5000 and 6000 series, turning back to the smallest scale value, as is still the case with many commercially available wrenches, is no longer necessary. 

Extensive complete set

HAZET offers the insert tools suitable for the wrenches as a 29 piece set under the number 6400CD/29. The sturdy case with soft foam insert contains among other things: 6.3 mm = ¼ inch and 12.5 mm = ½ inch insert reversible ratchets, as well as combination and box end wrenches in various widths. All the above mentioned tools have been produced according to high standards with a ‘Made in Germany’ guarantee.  

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