Tailored tool assortments for professionals 07 December 2023

A large number of different and reliable tools are required by professionals who work in areas ranging from agriculture to cars and commercial vehicle workshops, trade, maintenance and industry. In its new WORKSHOP SELECTION, GEDORE offers tool assortments and the corresponding flexible tool storage for a variety of industries.

GEDORE states professionals in industry and maintenance will find everything they need in the Module assortment S 1500 ES-02 with 207 different items and the Module assortment S 1500 ES-03 with 325 items that cover every requirement. Furthermore, the portfolio also includes the matching tool trolleys and mobile workbenches for mobile use and storage.

The 207-piece Module assortment S 1500 ES-02 contains a comprehensive range of high-quality tools for the most common maintenance tasks, from corroded screws to hard-to-reach installation areas – along with a set of combination spanners, double open-ended spanners, open-end wrenches with ratchet rings, as well as ½ inch and ¼ inch reversible ratchets with the suitable socket accessories. PH 1 2, slot and offset screwdrivers, socket wrench inserts, screwdriver inserts and screw looseners complete the range.

The 325 piece Module assortment S 1500 ES-03 includes a wide range of tools for tasks ranging from minor repairs to complex maintenance tasks. This module contains all the tools in the 207 piece ranges as well as VDE sets of pliers and screwdrivers. Other screwdriving tools are also included, such as a set of open and closed double ring wrenches, offset screwdrivers with and without a T-handle, a ¼ inch socket wrench set with bits, a set of swivel head wrenches, double-ended, and other TX screwdrivers. There is also a strong puller set to loosen stubborn connections. Other tools such as grip pliers, open-end wrenches and a set of files provide additional support for maintenance tasks.

For safe storage and mobile use, the tools are housed in ASB plastic modules with the tried-and-tested 2004 tool trolley and the 1504 mobile workbench. There is plenty of space in the workshop furniture for the tools and accessories, and the stable production makes them ideal for even heavy loads. The 2004 tool trolley is available both with the 207-piece range in eight drawers and with the 325-piece set in nine drawers. The mobile trolley, also with nine large drawers and a storage compartment with door, is also available with the 325-piece range. 

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