Springs and fasteners – making the right choice 12 March 2014

Here Chris Petts, managing director of Lee Spring UK, explains the importance of selecting the correct fastener or spring to suit application requirements.

No matter how large or how small a fastener or spring may be, as a component its importance might be paramount to the form or functionality of a product. Reliability and precision are essential.
Lee Spring product range
Selecting the incorrect type of spring, or a spring material unable to withstand particular application conditions, could be catastrophic.

Lee Spring is an ISO 9001 registered company, delivering high quality fasteners and springs to various sectors, such as autosport, automotive, medical and aerospace. Springs should always be high quality but it is especially important within these sectors, as they often require components manufactured to meet strict, legislative standards.

The autosport market, in particular, is a key target sector for Lee Spring. Professionals or hobbyists involved in the restoration of classic cars, for example, often approach the company requiring specialist, quality components either from our extensive stock range or custom made products.

High performance nickel and cobalt ‘super alloys’ are offered by Lee Spring for applications involving harsh conditions, such as high temperatures or extreme pressure. The reliability of the finished product in its application hinges on the correct material selection to meet the specific application requirements.

Super alloys offer enhanced performance properties including excellent strength and durability, and resistance to oxidation or corrosion. Due to these properties, super alloys make the best spring materials for demanding working conditions, which can be encountered across various industry sectors.

If springs not made from super alloys are used in applications with harsh conditions, they are at risk of becoming deformed or damaged, as they will not be strong enough.

Lee Spring’s stock range includes over 19,000 different types of spring. For applications requiring specialist springs, a comprehensive custom spring design service can help customers to meet any application demands.


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