Solution for bonding polypropylene 05 April 2013

Techsil and Power Adhesives have developed a solution to the industry wide issue of bonding polypropylene to itself in a fast and efficient way.

Techsil and Power Adhesives have developed this new grade of hot melt to meet the changing demands for increased productivity in industries such as automotive seating, moulded parts and other industries looking to replace acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) for the more cost effective polypropylene parts.
The companies state that the new high performance polypropylene based hot melt adhesive bonds polypropylene quickly and efficiently. The hot melt adhesive does not require pre-treatment of the surfaces and is applied hot from a standard 195°C gun and has a medium/long open time. Once the heat has dissipated, the surfaces will be bonded and high tear, peel and lap shear values are achievable. These values increase over time as the polypropylene elements of the hot melt cross link further with the substrates.
“Polypropylene is a high tonnage polymer that is commonly used in many industrial sectors such as textiles, automotive, packaging and a wide range of consumer goods. The low cost processability and chemical inertness of polypropylene are the main reasons why it is used in a variety of applications and manufacturing processes.”
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