Setting process monitoring by GESIPA® 19 February 2016

For more than 20 years GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH has been able to monitor setting processes that are carried out on safety relevant workpieces. Over the years, the company has developed technology to such an extent that it is now able to guarantee that the right rivet is placed in the right place and in the right quantity for vital applications.

In addition to checking the correct rivet is used, new systems can also check that the workpieces are correct. If an irregularity is detected, the process is immediately stopped. It is only after the customer has acknowledged the malfunction that the process can continue – making human error more or less impossible.

Setting process monitoring already plays a major part in many industrial production processes, with the automotive market a key sector. The production and installation of airbags, belt restraint systems, and child seats, have been monitored successfully and efficiently for years.

GESIPA® points out that setting process monitoring is a good investment for the future. Decreasing sorting, liability insurance and return costs clearly prove the cost-efficiency of this method. To add to that any errors relating to quality are completely prevented.

GESIPA’s systems can be tailored to customers’ needs and the respective application in terms of size and function. Plus, they can either be used separately or be integrated into an already existing production line.

“Many GESIPA setting tools of the GAV, TAURUS® and FireFox® series are available with setting process monitoring – helping guarantee precision and safety from the very first production step to the finished product.”



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