Safe and efficient removal of joint pins 23 May 2024

Made to be efficient, safe, and versatile, the new PPH-Series Hydraulic Pin Puller Kits from Enerpac provide a safe and easy way to remove joint pins used in mining, off-highway and on-highway vehicles, and in stationary equipment found in manufacturing facilities.

Excessive damage to joint pins can result in extra costs and lead to longer downtime. These complete and versatile kits feature unique and innovative components that allow a single operator to remove a multitude of joint pin sizes. By unleashing the power of hydraulic force, dangerous practices such as torching, cutting and hammering are eliminated, and components are captured and held securely within the synchronous locking jaws, allowing for precision and minimal damage.

PPH-Series kits are engineered to streamline user performance even on the most demanding pin pulling projects. The innovative split ‘Quick Nut’, designed for fast attachment to threaded rods, makes it easier and faster to manipulate damaged threads. The set also includes three stacking and locking C-Sleeves to empower a single operator to remove pins more efficiently than traditional methods. Additionally, transport and assembly are made easier by the lightweight yet robust aluminium construction of the hydraulic cylinder.

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