Optimised torque wrenches for the workshop and wheel changes 04 September 2023

Precise and reliable torque wrenches are essential workshop tools all year round. Since the demands on these sensitive measuring devices are also constantly increasing, GEDORE recently optimised the components of its TORCOFIX torque wrench series as well as its measuring range.

GEDORE offers a comprehensive range of extremely precise torque wrenches that are “Made in Germany’. Thanks to the new extensions of the series, the TORCOFIX TF-K models now offer measuring ranges from 1Nm to 850Nm with the ratchet function. With a range of 40Nm to 200Nm, the TORCOFIX ½ inch TF-K200 is ideal for changing wheels on a car. Also fitted with a ½ inch mushroom head square drive with ball protection, manual tightening is possible if necessary.

The convex ergonomic handle supports operation in the centre of the torque wrench and helps to make working on wheels effortless. The required torque can be set precisely via the double scale, measuring either Nm or lbf·ft, with Nonius above the handle. Classified to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017, the torque wrench is adjusted to a maximum permitted deviation of 3%. According to GEDORE, this means it is more precise than the 4% deviation required by the standard, and ensures the precise tightening of wheel nuts and bolts.

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