New versatile tool – even in difficult spaces 16 August 2022

Stahlwille has expanded its ½ inch ratchet range with the 516 telescopic ratchet, primarily designed for use in the commercial vehicle sector as well as bolt tightening operations on industrial installations.  

The shaft of the ratchet can be adjusted in five steps from 410mm – 630mm, where each step is 55mm. The variable length allows for additional application possibilities where the use of a ratchet is not normally possible or only possible to a limited extent. The extension action is fast and safe thanks to the slide bearings and ‘end stop’ protection. The length is adjusted by means of a rocker at the front end of the shaft. Due to the telescopic shaft, the tool is versatile, even in difficult spaces with limited room to move.  

The new ratchet complies with DIN 3122/ISO 3315 regulations and is dimensioned for torques up to 512Nm. Stahlwille Eduard Wille GmbH & Co. KG therefore recommends the tool for professional users who frequently work with high torques. The changeover switch for right and left rotation is located on the top of the head in a slight recess. In doing this, accidental changeover is prevented.  

The ½ inch square drive can be fitted with standard size sockets. The ratchet also features a two component convex handle for ease of use, which also provides a secure grip, even when hands are dirty or wet. In addition, the grip components are resistant to oils, greases, brake fluids and Skydrol – a hydraulic fluid used in the aviation sector.


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