New special tools for exhaust gas probes 25 January 2024

Repairs to the exhaust system often lead to undesirable damage to screw connections and threads of the various exhaust gas sensors. HAZET has now developed special exhaust gas probe inserts with which lambda probes, particle sensors, NOX sensors and exhaust gas temperature sensors can be removed and installed.

The exhaust gas probe inserts are now available in five different versions for all common probe diameters – from 14mm to 24mm. The inserts have a half-inch double square drive as well as a hexagon drive, which can also be used to avoid widening the slot using an open-end wrench. The exhaust probe inserts are also suitable for screwing the sensors back in with the correct torque after repairs.

As a practical addition for working in hard-to-reach or awkward places, HAZET offers a special operating tool (HAZET No. 4560), with a wrench size of 17mm, for exhaust gas temperature sensors.

For the dismantling of lambda sensors, the lambda sensor inserts (from HAZET numbers 4680-1 to 4680-3) are also available in various lengths and with a half-inch hexagonal drive.

After the sensors or probes have been dismantled, new special thread cutters developed by HAZET complement the program. HAZET recommends using these thread cutters not only to repair damaged threads, but also to clean threads that are usually sooty or corroded.

These new thread cutters are particularly characterised by their special TiAIN coating made of titanium aluminium nitrite. This coating, which is heat-resistant up to 800°C, makes it particularly robust and therefore also enables use on stainless steel exhaust systems, for example. This means users don't have to wait for the exhaust system to cool down, which in turn saves time.

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