New series of moulded-in aluminium threaded inserts 09 July 2020

SPIROL Industries Ltd has launched a new, high-performance series of moulded-in inserts for plastics assemblies. The rugged design of the Series 63 Through Hole Inserts and Series 65 Blind End Inserts consist of multiple bands of helical knurls to maximise torque resistance, balanced with radial undercuts to achieve a high pull out tensile force.

These moulded-in inserts are designed to be placed in the mould cavity before plastic injection, and offer high levels of performance due to unrestricted plastic flow into the retention features on the outside diameter of the inserts.

The lead-free threaded inserts for plastics are lightweight, being manufactured from 2024 grade aluminium, which provides a strong combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability. The Series 63 and Series 65 are 40% stronger and a 1/3 of the weight when compared to the same insert manufactured from brass. Standard metric thread sizes include M4, M5, M6, and M8, and standard inch threaded sizes include 8-32, 10-24, 1/4-20, and 5/16-18.

SPIROL offers a comprehensive line of inserts for plastics including; press-in, self-tapping, heat/ultrasonic, and moulded-in styles. During the design stage, SPIROL Application Engineers are able to help make the critical design recommendations between their engineered fastener and the assembly required, as well as advising users as to which insert is the most cost effective.

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