New safe shipping cartridge for sealing compounds 12 September 2022

REINZOSIL, a sealing compound for the automotive sector designed by Dana, is adding to its product family range. A new, 310ml cartridge is now available.

In addition to the 70ml tube and 200ml pressure can already offered in the product range, there’s now a new cartridge with 310ml. Unlike the pressure can, the new cartridge is not classified as dangerous goods and is label free. Therefore, the new REINZOSIL cartridge is approved for worldwide shipping.

Dana Incorporated ensures REINZOSIL is suitable for sealing surfaces in engines, transmissions, axles, cylinder liners and plastic housings. Also, the compound is suitable for all makes of engines and vehicles. The silicone compound seals flat component connections with gaps from 0.15mm. Additionally, the cartridge fits in standard cartridge guns, therefore no separate dispensing gun is required.

For the new 310ml product, the short-term temperature resistance of REINZOSIL has increased to a peak of up to 320°C. The sealant has also received the ‘Sensorsafe’ label. Due to the plastic cartridge, the minimum shelf life is twelve months.

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