New measuring equipment from Wiha 29 July 2022

Wiha, a hand tool manufacturer, has expanded its range of measuring tools with a variety of new products, targeting applications in the eMobility and photovoltaics sectors. 

Wiha now offers three versions of two-pole voltage and continuity testers, as two further variants have been added to the pre-existing model in the Wiha range. With the largest measuring range on the market, up to 1,000V AC and 1,500V DC, the two-pole voltage and continuity testers enable safe voltage measurement. All three voltage testers are equipped with a rotating field display and LED lighting.

Two new digital multi-meter products support the measurement of units such as current, voltage, resistance or frequency. With their measuring range of up to either 600V AC/DC or 1,000V AC/DC, they are suitable for measurements involved in photovoltaic installations for single family residences. The version up to 1,000V AC/DC includes further functions, such as a True-RMS function or an automatic measuring range setting, which enable easier and accurate application.

Wiha’s measuring calliper combines all measuring functions in a single device. Similar to the digital multi-meters, the calliper possesses a measuring range of up to 1,000V AC and 1,500V DC. Operation can be measured by the one handed test. A large LCD display with background illumination enables easy to read measurement results. The integrated flashlight function ensures optimal illumination, while LPF (low pass filter) and TRUE-RMS functions ensure precise measurement results.

The Wiha continuity meter offers overvoltage protection up to 400V AC and provides a reliable signal with high volume per acoustic test signal. This way, every closed circuit is indicated, whether it be through rooms or across floors. The continuity meter also possesses an LED display and integrated flashlight function to enable easy testing.

Suitable for socket types C and F, the Wiha socket tester with LED display indicates whether a socket is connected or not. The product has a flexible cable which can be aligned, allowing sockets, even those close to the floor or difficult to access, to be easily reached. The device can also be aligned so the result is easy to read.

To ensure that the direction is correct, the Wiha rotating field indicator determines the phase rotational direction and issues a warning in case of faulty wiring. This enables the rotating field to be determined with only one test. One measuring line is available for each of three phases. Overvoltage protection is provided for up to 700V AC.

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