Loosening tough screw connections 30 September 2021

Special tools are required when bolts or screw heads are heavily rusted, deformed or rounded. GEDORE says its extractor set ½ inch R68003010, used with its GEDORE red ratchets, is ideal for the task. 

The 10 piece extractor set was developed specifically for screwdriving applications where conventional tools are unusable. The innovatively designed tapered spiral profile is rotated anticlockwise into the defective screw head and cuts in, independently and firmly. This provides a solution even in the toughest problem cases.

GEDORE says its extractor set will loosen even the very toughest screw connections when everything else has failed. The special inserts can be used with GEDORE red ratchet version ½ inch R60050009 or the swivel head reversible ratchet ½ inch R60120027. These will allow the user to work effortlessly even in hard to reach areas and any problem cases can be solved in no time at all.

The impact mandrel included in the set then ensures the faulty screw head is easily removed from the extractor. The set contains nine inserts in key widths 10mm to 19mm with female square drive to cover all the most common sizes. Housed in the practical plastic box, the components in the kit are all stored safely and clearly. The labelling of the individual key widths also aids efficient working, since the user no longer has to waste time looking for the right item.

The two GEDORE red ratchets both have a two component handle. The ergonomic handle design ensures that the power transmission is kind to the hand, which helps to prevent signs of tiredness when working. Furthermore, both versions have an oval head that further eases working in tight spaces and offers greater leeway when swivelling.

The ratchets also switch over from clockwise to anticlockwise at the touch of a lever – which is sunk into the head to prevent unintentional adjustment while working. The ball locking device provides a fixed connection between the tool and the bit while the ratchet is being used.

The reversible ratchets also have a push button release, which makes it easy to release inserts or connecting parts. Made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel and with a matte satin finish, GEDORE red ratchets are extremely durable and stable.

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