Latest torque wrench set from Laser Tools 15 March 2024

Designed specifically for motorcycles with spoke wheels, this motorcycle spoke wrench set from Laser Tools (part number 8241), which includes a range of spoke wrench heads plus an adjustable torque wrench, allowing wheel spokes to be replaced in accordance with the wheel manufacturer’s specifications and instructions.

Eight sizes of spoke wrench head are included (5.6mm – 7.1mm) plus a spline wrench head (anti-theft which also fits some BMW models). The torque wrench is used to tighten the wheel spokes to the correct torque figure and features two torque scales: Nm (newton-metres) and (pound-inch). A solid wrench is also included for undoing spokes and initial fitting up. All packed in a blow mould storage case with an EVA foam insert. Applications include BMW, KTM (6.9mm), Ducati and Excel Rims (6.1mm, 6.3mm, 6.5mm and 6.7mm, plus spline).

Over or under-tightening of spokes can easily lead to excessive radial and lateral runout –Laser Tools recommends to always check radial and lateral runout when replacing spokes and set the torque to the manufacturer’s specification.

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