High-voltage approved spline-bit sockets from Laser Tools 27 June 2023

Laser Tools has, for many years, offered a full range of EV tools and equipment to enable garage owners to satisfy all their workshop high-voltage vehicle requirements. New to this extensive range is a fully insulated set of long-reach 3/8 inch D spline-bit sockets, that are IEC60900:2018 approved for safe operator use on live circuits up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC.

These sockets are suitable for use by technicians and mechanics working on hybrid and electric vehicles, but also particularly useful for professional electricians and installers.

Laser’s new set consists of six sockets including M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12 sizes, all 120mm long with a 3/8 inch drive. The sockets are manufactured from tough chrome vanadium and the bits also feature shock-resistant S2 steel with a zinc phosphate finish. Also, the bits are neatly presented in an EVA foam tray to fit neatly in the tool drawer.

The sockets have been specially designed for use with the Laser Tools fully insulated 3/8 inch D ratchet and fully insulated click type torque wrench.

Laser Tools also offers a comprehensive range of GS and VDE certificated high voltage insulated tools from socket sets and torque wrenches to spanners and screwdrivers. The range also includes high voltage testers, clamp meters and insulation testers.

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