Henkel launches e-learning platform – LOCTITE Xplore 13 July 2023

Henkel has recently launched LOCTITE Xplore, an e-learning platform which brings together over 65 years of combined product, industry, application, and engineering expertise. The new resource, which has been specifically designed for assembly, maintenance and vehicle repair professionals, is accessible at anytime, anywhere and is completely free to use.

Comprising of five modules, LOCTITE Xplore offers professionals essential knowledge in their fields, as users can leverage the experience of Henkel’s 650 global assembly and maintenance experts. With an interactive learning experience, the platform features a variety of content to encourage enjoyable learning.  

In-line with Henkel’s commitment to provide high-value service, LOCTITE Xplore offers a unique ‘Call to Action’ feature, allowing users to request a free consultation from one of Henkel's LOCTITE Experts. This initiative presents an opportunity for professionals to seek expert advice and forge valuable connections.  

The latest module, ‘An Introduction to Bonding’, compares the use of adhesives with mechanical joining alternatives such as riveting, bolting and welding and takes the viewer into the lab to show each joining method being tested to destruction.

"We are thrilled to introduce LOCTITE Xplore, our innovative e-learning platform that brings together decades of expertise in assembly and maintenance. Professionals can now access valuable insights and practical knowledge that will revolutionise their work. We believe that by sharing our expertise freely, we can contribute to the advancement of industries worldwide,” says Paul Marshall, head of marketing at Henkel UK, Ireland & Nordics.

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