Hand tools for Caterham race series 30 October 2020

Halfords has entered into an exclusive partnership with Caterham Cars to equip its renowned trackside support team throughout its motorsport race series.

The three year partnership will see Caterham’s race team mechanics using Halfords Advanced precision hand tools, looking after over 100 race cars at every race weekend. Halfords is demonstrating the ability of the product to deliver in the heat of the competition as well as the company’s confidence in its tools’ lifetime guarantee.

Caterham’s family of factory backed championships is the largest in the UK, from the unparalleled Caterham Academy through to the top level Caterham Seven Championship UK; a nationally recognised series.  Along the way, the majority of cars benefit from the unique trackside support that only Caterham as a manufacturer provides; there to keep people racing the whole weekend, whether they have a breakdown, minor bump or something that for other race series and cars would normally be weekend ending.

“This partnership brings together two iconic British brands with over 175 years of combined heritage. We’re proud to be supporting Caterham’s  team and working with their engineers and technicians to prove the strength and durability of our Advanced tools,” explained Hannah Coupland, hand tools expert at Halfords.

“The trackside support we have on offer has become a key unique selling point for Caterham and something admired by other motorsport championships.  It’s made possible by the nature of the car and the skill of our technicians, but this would be nothing without dependable, quality tools in which our guys have ultimate faith.  That’s why we are so delighted to be supported by Halfords,” said Graham Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer at Caterham.

“Often working under extreme time pressure to turn around race cars, techs want to be assured that they have the right tools and can, quite literally sometimes, lean on them to get the job done without additional drama. Halfords Advanced gives us this piece of mind.”

Caterham’s race mechanics will be providing ongoing feedback about the products to Halfords’ engineers – informing the design and development of future products.

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