Fixing rivets in a matter of seconds 01 February 2021

From spring 2021, the cordless installation tools of the GESIPA product series Bird Pro are to be converted step-by-step to the battery pack technology of the cross manufacturer battery pack system initiated by Metabo.

The first installation tool with Cordless Alliance System (CAS) battery pack will be introduced to the market in March 2021. "We have been interested in GESIPA as CAS partner for a very long time," says Horst W. Garbrecht, CEO of the Nürtingen power tool manufacturer Metabo, initiator of CAS. "GESIPA is leading in the market segments all around the blind rivet technology. This is a huge gain for us. In particular to the connection to the metal industry is ideally suited to the orientation of CAS. The on-boarding of this additional strong partner makes CAS the best system for metal specialist." Together with the two other partners TRUMPF and MontiPower, CAS currently counts 20 members.

The Cordless Alliance System (CAS) is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system initiated by power tool manufacturer Metabo. In the summer of 2018, CAS started with nine power tool manufacturers and machine manufacturers from different sectors. Within this battery pack system that is unique in the industry, all machines of the CAS partners are one hundred percent compatible with one battery pack and can be combined at will. Based on the powerful Metabo LiHD battery pack technology, CAS unites different trades under one roof and thus offers professional users the freedom to work with standard and special products of different manufacturers mobile and flexibly far away from any power outlet.

Excellent technology, stable business relation

In addition to blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and blind rivet nuts, GESIPA also offers the matching riveting tools in three versions: handheld tools, pneumatically operated riveting tools and cordless ones. In addition to this, GESIPA also develops industrial blind rivet and blind riveting machines. "As inventor of the cordless riveting technology, we have introduced the first cordless blind riveting tool with the AccuBird already in 1992," says Urs Langenauer, one of the two managing directors of GESIPA. “The decision to join the CAS Alliance is a result of our performance promise ‘Inventing success together’. For our customers, for us and all other CAS partners, a cross manufacturer battery pack system makes plenty of sense," says Langenauer. "CAS offers a system with a wide market structure, high supply reliability as well as a stable business relationship. The most important factor in this decision was, however, that our customers have multiple benefits. In the future, the battery packs can be exchanged with many different, high-quality branded tools. This does not only save money in the procurement process, but it also makes daily working with the tools easier. One battery pack fits all - there is nothing easier."

CAS offers professional users the technologically leading products on the markets thanks to the high ranking partners in terms of reliability and performance. Many of the machines and tools of the cooperation partners are interesting to GESIPA's customers, however this applies in particular for the metal sector.

Riveting tools are used in almost all areas of trade and industry, since the blind riveting technology connects metal parts and other materials. Another application is the installation of female or male threads with blind rivet nuts and screws in thin sheet metal. In the industrial sector, the technology is mainly used by car manufacturers and suppliers or in air conditioning and building services. The AccuBird Pro places blind rivets with a diameter with up to five millimetres into all materials up to five times faster than standard cordless installation tools on the market. This is comparable to the performance of tools powered by compressed air. The BLDC motors work almost without no wear and therefore have a very long service life. The Bird Pro series fits very well in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape.

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