Fastening solutions for the new automotive generation 26 January 2023

In recent years the automotive industry has experienced a significant turning point with an increasing number of electric cars as well as the ever-growing demand for autonomous vehicles. For sealing and fluid management in this new generation of vehicles, Lisi Automotive offers an extensive range of fastening solutions, specifically its range of threaded caps.

Lisi threaded caps can be used for various applications in vehicle manufacturing, including engines and gearboxes, car batteries, cooling systems, fuel systems, as well as various others. This is thanks to a range of caps which includes difference sizes, shapes including TORX®, hexagonal and square, as well as the added option of specific sealing washers.

Certain designs of Lisi caps include a magnetic end, designed to increase the quality of the product by capturing and retaining metal filings generated by the manufacturing process. Other designs include a seal, available in copper, for example, which can ensure the final seal of the cap while maintain a bearing surface.

Lisi also ensures the quality of its product, as the company states all components perform well under numerous rigorous tests which are carried out in Lisi laboratories in France. These tests include detachment testing for magnets, fatigue testing, as well as tightening and assembly testing.

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