Expanded range of tough HGV brake caliper wrenches 19 September 2023

Two new additions have been added to the existing Laser Tools’ HGV brake caliper wrench range – the 30mm and the 21mm version. These tools are all sturdy ¾ inch drive brake caliper wrenches designed for releasing and refitting brake caliper mounting bolts on commercial vehicles.

The caliper mounting bolts are tightened to very high torques and these slogging wrenches, all designed with two impact striking faces, are designed to get the bolts loose quickly and easily.

The Laser Tools wrenches are all a 6-point single-hex design and manufactured from S45C steel with a black phosphate finish. Designed to be used with a heavy hammer, the combination of wrench and hammering action provides a powerful and effective method for tackling tough or stubborn fasteners. Additionally, they can be used with a ¾ inch drive for tightening, and if using a torque-wrench, a handy torque correction-factor formula is etched onto the side of the wrench.  

The new caliper wrenches are now available for purchase from Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.

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