Every tool in one box 29 September 2022

Laser Tools, a brand under Tool Connection Limited, has released a new three drawer toolbox designed for mechanical work on hybrid and electric vehicles. The toolbox contains a selection of fully insulated tools for various automotive applications.

Insulated combination pliers with a 35mm jaw opening are provided in the toolbox and side cutters with a 19mm jaw opening. A range of screwdrivers, as well as five open end spanners designed for 8mm – 17mm applications. A ratchet is also provided and sockets ranging from 7mm – 22mm. Additionally, a 100mm extension bar is provided, allowing for better access in hard-to-reach places. The set also has an insulated cable knife for stripping standard cables and a 420mm magnetic pick up tool.  

All the insulated hand tools are suitable for applications up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC. To check for existence or absence of high voltage, a CAT IV 1000V voltage tester with a disconnect and shut down digital timer is provided. Three cable end shrouds for uninsulated cables, all with flexible gripping collars to prevent damage to cable insulation, are included.

All the tools are safely stored within the drawers, fitted with EVA foam trays to help keep them organised and accessible. The toolbox includes a top tray, ideal for storing fixings and safety tags or signs. A top carry handle, as well as side handles, allow for easy lifting. Also, corner protectors ensure the drawers remain closed. Laser Tools state the toolbox is made from high density polyethylene plastic, with a high strength to density ratio. Thanks to its maximum weight capacity of 120kg, the toolbox can also be used as a step if needed.

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